Beijing Remix

The Beijing remix collection is a new media project in which S/N Coalition remixed the urban landscape of Beijing during RAZE 2012. The remixes are video/sound-hybrids, which visually feature street art and sonically feature various neighborhoods, transportation systems and markets. 15 remixes were installed back into the cityscape via QR-Codes.

The paper codes can be scanned and are accessible via Internet enabled CCD devices (such as cell phones and mp3 players). Participants are encouraged to scan the codes and enjoy the video/sound remixes. Maps may be supplied and guided walking tours arranged.

Accessibility plays a key role in S/N's work. By placing video and sound works into public space, engagement with the public becomes possible.

The use of common, personal technology such as a cell phone to access public art addresses technological hierarchy and public access. This works to negotiate personal, virtual and public space simultaneously. The project seeks to blend artistic interpretations and responses with the aid of an ancillary means of experiencing a sense of place.


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S/N Coalition

S/N Coalition is an electronic art group, which works extensively with video, sound, animation, photography and locative media. Their exhibitions often include performative elements and mediated footage, pushing both experimental and conceptual ideas around media. S/N members include Jennida Chase and Hassan Pitts who have been creating collaborative work together since 2008.